Wall Bed Mattresses

Are wall beds just as comfortable as a “regular” bed? That is a question we get asked a lot. A Murphy bed is just that – a bed, first and foremost. So yes, it is quite comfortable and usually much more so than a sofa bed. Sofa beds take a lot more abuse since they are used as seating until pulled out for sleeping space. Your wall bed is neatly and cleanly stowed away so that the mattress isn’t susceptible to damage or degradation.

There are three options available in our standard Murphy beds: a basic mattress, cooling gel memory foam or pillow top with innerspring coil system and body balance foam. Any one is extremely comfortable and made from high quality components.

At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we carry wall beds in sizes twin, full, queen and king. They can be configured as either horizontal or vertical cabinets. And because of the ingenious design of these wall beds, there is no need to worry that pillows or bedding will fall down behind the mattress.

Keep your mattress covered in sheets and blankets to protect it from dust. When the bed is folded up into the wall cabinet, everything stays put so that when you pull it back down, it looks inviting and it is ready to be slept in.

Wall beds are a more comfortable – and more functional – option than an ordinary sofa sleeper. Let us show you just how comfortable and attractive they are by visiting our showroom today.

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