Incorporate a Murphy Wall Bed System in Your Home

When you need extra space and functionality in your home, a Murphy wall bed system is the innovative sleep and work solution. Whether you are looking for a fold-down bed to add sleeping space for guests or need to work in a home office, Murphy wall beds can double or even triple the interior space of any room. Murphy Beds of San Diego brings over 20 years of service experience to every customer and every transaction. We offer ingeniously designed solutions for your home office, guestroom, kids’ bedrooms, living areas and more. If you can imagine a bed that provides ultimate functionality for any space in your home, we can design it – and we’ve got the experience to do it with quality and style.

Custom Made Murphy Beds Built To Order

What you won’t find anywhere but at Murphy Beds of San Diego is our custom design service. Sure, prefabricated wall beds are readily available, but only at Murphy Beds of San Diego will you realize the ability to imagine any type of wall bed and watch your dreams turn into reality. We can design a custom Murphy wall bed system around your unique lifestyle needs. No matter how much space you have to work with, or how it is configured, we have a custom solution. Do you want bookshelves and filing cabinets to accommodate your home office in a space as small as a closet? We can do that! How about storage for your kids’ toys and stuffed animals while adding a bed for their sleepover pals? Maybe your living room needs to serve double duty as a guestroom so you want a cabinet bed that holds a TV or full entertainment center. We can do all this and more. Custom Murphy beds are configured with your choice of lighting, hardware, seating, power supply, and side piers with various functions. Choose the style of your wall bed or CabinetBed – everything from traditional to contemporary – along with finish, bed size and mattress type.

Featured Reviews

Rating 4.9

Scott A.

John’s personal service was great. He worked with us through choosing the right size and orientation (landscape or portrait) for our Murphy bed. He explained all of the options without us feeling like we were being upsold. I definitely recommend him.

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Russ M.

We stopped into Murphy Beds of San Diego to see if they might have a solution for a small bedroom/office we wanted to double as a guest room. We had a rough idea to remove a small closet and use that space for the bed and, if we could find one, a narrow nightstand or cabinet. John greeted us and immediately got to work explaining the various models and helping us choose the right size for our spac...

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Ken K.

Five Stars for John Grimm, Project Advisor. He listened accurately to what we needed and wanted us in a Murphy Bed wall unit and then provided the various options to achieve those objectives. His suggestions were aesthetically excellent, maximized the space we had available, and designed the unit at the lowest possible manufacturing cost. We were impressed with his deep product knowledge and respo...

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Gautam D.

Excellent selection of stand alone and attached Murphy Beds — and some great Amish furniture too. Great service by Kevin even at the end of the day!

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Rachel L.

John was amazing. Very knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy or a know it all.

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Pat M.

Mr. Jeff Hughes was most helpful. Allowed us time to explore the options and when we were ready he answered all our questions. He made us aware of the options and provided a sheet of installation gotchas we never thought about. In the end we made choices I believe we will be happy with for years to come! Thank you Jeff!

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Cathy S.

We needed a new mattress for our daughter’s Murphy Bed and John was fabulous explaining the choices and what was best for the bed we had. While I was cashing out my husband went over to the Casual Dining Side and sat in a gorgeous swivel wood/upholstered chair in front of an extremely well crafted, solid wood, round table. It was so comfortable he called me over and I agreed the set was fabu...

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Gloria H.

Just bought a Murphy Bed from John at this store. He was extremely helpful and made the whole experience very pleasant. He was well informed about the product and was able to educate us on what the best choices for us would be. Thank you John.

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Omar H.

Good service. Called 30 min before to let me know of arrival. Great space saving product.

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Tom V.

Out with the old, in with the new. The wife had had enough of the trundle bed in our spare room, being a pain the ass to to set up for guests and taking up way too much floor space. Grant it, it was in good shape, comfortable and we never received any complaints; but it was time to go. She wanted to replace it with a Murphy bed. Walked in and was surprised how well stocked the floor was. Our first...

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