Tom V.

Tom V.

Out with the old, in with the new. The wife had had enough of the trundle bed in our spare room, being a pain the ass to to set up for guests and taking up way too much floor space. Grant it, it was in good shape, comfortable and we never received any complaints; but it was time to go. She wanted to replace it with a Murphy bed.

Walked in and was surprised how well stocked the floor was. Our first choice we were honestly told we would be unable to acquire until around June (4 months away). Our second choice could be delivered within 10 days. It was pricier, but more beefy; so it was a good thing we opted for the second choice. The employee (owner?), Jeff, was helpful, but not overbearing as some sales folk can be.

The Murphy bed arrived within the time frame noted, in excellent condition and was quickly assembled by the delivery personnel. The two gentlemen gave us a refresher on how to open and close it up.

If I have any real complaint it would be that it cost us an additional $200 to have it delivered. OUCH! We were told that local, in-county, was $150. I guess with the price of gasoline pushing $5 a gallon in our State, along with the high inflation kicking us all in the balls, it is what it is.

If looking for a Murphy bed check this place out. They also had quite the assortment for smaller dining room and kitchenette sets, for those having smaller homes, apartments or condos.

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