Wall Bed Lighting

Wall beds are not just for sleeping. In order to get the maximum functionality out of a fold-up bed, adding a light fixture or two can greatly enhance its usability Options for where to add a bit of illumination and how it is styled are wide and varied.

Where Can You Add Lighting To Your Wall Bed?

The short answer is: wherever you need it.

Here are just a few of the places where it makes perfect sense to add lighting to your wall bed:

  • Built into side piers – this is perfect for display shelves or just to add a bit of light to a dark room.
  • Desk top – when your wall bed is part of a home office, you will definitely want illumination for a workspace, desk or return.
  • Bookcases – easily find what you are looking for by installing a light across the top of a book shelf.
  • On the bed itself – add illumination to aid reading or put it on the outside of the cabinet to help light up the room.
  • In the wardrobe closet – sure, it’s a great space saver to have a cabinet closet installed on one or both sides of your wall bed, but you need to see inside when the doors are opened.

Types of Lighting

Lighting for your wall bed need not be bulky or intrusive. Today’s sleek LED light strips can be incorporated in any of our wall beds. Whether it’s a traditional or LED light fixture, there are plenty of styles available from which to choose.

At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we will ensure that the light fixtures added to your wall bed complement the design and size of the cabinet and hardware. Lighting should be a subtle embellishment, not an obtrusive element that takes away from the style of the Murphy bed.

All the different options for lighting truly turn your wall bed into a usable, as well as beautiful, piece of furniture in any room of your home.

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