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Care and Maintenance of Murphy Bed Mattresses

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Murphy wall beds are a wonderful addition to any home. After all, they save tons of floor space, they are well-made and built to last, and they can be ordered with extra features, such as sofas, desks, tables, side piers, storage and more. But an investment in a wall bed means you should take the proper steps to care for it, so this furnishing remains as good-looking and comfortable as the day it was installed. In this article, we review the proper care and maintenance of Murphy bed mattresses.

Mattress Material

wall bed mattress
This premium hybrid wall bed mattress is comfortable enough to sleep on every night.

First things first: it all starts with the type of material you choose for your Murphy bed mattress. The mattress should be thick enough that the sleeper isn’t aware of the lack of boxsprings and yet light enough that it is easy to pull down from the cabinet when being readied for sleep. Here we list the most common options:

Memory Foam: Offering plenty of support and conformability to the sleeper’s body, this option has been a perennial favorite since memory foam was first developed in the 1960s by a company under contract with NASA. Its inherent properties include temperature sensitivity and a quick spring back quality. While memory foam is very comfortable, it may not offer enough support for those with mobility or joint issues, and it can retain heat.

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses are the traditional type of bed most of us grew up sleeping on. They feature a network of coils that provide support and bounce beneath a thickly padded layer of fabric. There are varying levels of support available in innerspring mattresses.

Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses are becoming more and more common these days because they feature the best of both worlds in terms of memory foam and innersprings. A hybrid Murphy bed mattress is often cooler than pure memory foam, weighs less, and is easier for most sleepers to find their comfy spot.

Care and Maintenance of Murphy Bed Mattresses

Murphy bed mattress
This is one of the premium mattress options available for purchase with your Murphy wall bed.

The number one best thing you can do to maintain the integrity of your wall bed mattress is to keep it clean. Although it is encased in a frame and a cabinet, dust and dirt can still find its way in. We recommend using a good quality mattress pad that protects from spills, stains, dust and mold. Every now and then, remove the cover for washing and give the mattress a deep vacuum to eliminate any dirt that may have gotten down into the fabric.

Care and maintenance of Murphy bed mattresses means keeping an eye out for any hardware issues, such as loose screws, failing spring or piston lift systems, or frame degradation. Replace worn out parts as soon as possible. This will also ensure the wall bed’s continued safety during sleep.

Just like a traditional bed, it can be beneficial to rotate the mattress of a Murphy wall bed on a regular basis, depending on how often it is used.

Be sure that the weight specifications of your mattress are not exceeded. This is very important as a weight overage is a safety hazard.

The Encore wall bed, with mattress pulled down from the cabinet.

Although the care and maintenance of Murphy bed mattresses will help them last longer, just like any other bed they will wear out over time and repeated usage. If you are in the market for a new mattress for your wall bed, Murphy Beds of San Diego has you covered. We invite you to browse through the options and select a new Murphy bed mattress that offers many more years of enjoyment.

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