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Cabinet beds are ingenious pieces of furniture – beds disguised as beautiful cabinets crafted from solid wood until the mattress is pulled out for sleeping. They are the perfect addition to a small home or to furnish a mother-in-law suite, tiny house, above garage apartment, dorm room and more. But the most common use is […]

Got kids? Then you know there is always a need for extra space for them to store toys, be creative and have friends over to play. Most homes do not come with a room or area dedicated to playing. But there is a room that might be able to do double duty and that’s the […]

You may have heard a lot recently about Murphy wall beds and how they help homeowners save space and provide organizational tools. But what do you know about their cousins, the cabinet beds? Like a wall bed, these models hide a mattress, but they also have numerous key differences. You may decide a cabinet bed […]

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