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Cabinet beds are a great addition to any home – they provide an extra bed, a bit of extra space for storage and they look quite handsome in any room. But maybe you are still on the fence about purchasing a cabinet bed for your house. Take a look at these fantastic benefits and you […]

When it comes to quality cabinet beds for your home, there are three main factors that should influence your decision. At Murphy Beds of San Diego, all of our cabinet beds are made to last, using all-hardwood construction and transitional styles that mesh well with any décor. But there are three more reasons you will […]

One of the most common questions we get here at Murphy Beds of San Diego is, “How comfortable are your movable cabinet beds and wall beds?” Apparently, many of our customers still have a mistaken concept about pull down beds being good only for the occasional overnight visitor. They think they are not comfortable enough […]

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