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Murphy beds are a great addition to any home. But with the wide variety of styles available, it is often difficult to decide which one would work best in your home, based on style and functionality. In this article, we review three of our top sellers and what makes each special. Which one is your […]

All it takes is a quick search of the internet to realize that there are lots of options for buying a bargain Murphy bed – everything from cheap beds made in China to do-it-yourself instructions for making your own. However, we caution you to think about the consequences before you opt for any of those. […]

What should you look for when it comes to a quality wall bed? The truth is that not all wall beds are made the same. There is a difference in price, and that is usually based on the absence or presence of quality details. The Amish collection presents exceptional value for unsurpassed quality. Here’s what […]

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