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Although many of our loyal clientele live in coastal areas, others enjoy a mountain cabin home as a retreat from the ordinary – or as their main residence. If you have a home in the mountains full-time or even part-time, you may just need a wall bed to make every inch of space count. Here […]

Versatile wall beds are a great addition to any home, but especially those with a limited amount of space. For many of us, that means a single spare room that must function as a guestroom, home office, craft center and more. Some of us have even less room and we must turn every inch of […]

Could you use a handy Murphy wall bed in your home? If you have recently begun to research the use and benefits of a wall bed, then this guide will help you navigate the process. Here is what we – and our customers –have learned over decades of Murphy wall bed experience. Is the Murphy […]

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