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Take a look around your home and, in particular, your spare room. Is there a lot of visual clutter? Are you lacking enough space for adequate storage and the ability to do all the things you wish to do, such a hobbies, crafts, exercise and more? If so, a multipurpose wall bed is just the […]

Is your bedroom too small? Maybe it is your entire house that is lacking in space and the bedroom has to do double duty. If a space-deprived bedroom is driving you crazy, take a look at these design tips using wall beds to transform the room into something functional and beautiful by maximizing the space […]

Whether you are the one renting a home or providing a rental unit to tenants, there is one thing for sure: rental space headaches caused by lack of square footage. Here we take some of those headaches and propose a novel solution in the form of multipurpose wall beds and cabinet beds. Headache: no dining […]

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