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Most of us have some space issues in our homes, as in lack of space. Even in a large house, the room you do have isn’t always used efficiently. No matter where you live, nearly any room can be transformed thanks to feature rich wall bed systems that free up square footage and provide room […]

Strapped for space? Buying a larger home is not always an option. Perhaps, instead, you can learn to embrace your small space. Following these tips, which center around space saving cabinet beds, will allow you to love your compact house again by making it work more efficiently and look stylish. Go Vertical What small homes […]

If you have ever gone through a home renovation, you know how it upends your life. All of a sudden, you realize how many belongings you have accumulated over the years. If you are like most homeowners, you will vow to make better use of your space and do a better job of organizing all […]

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