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Murphy wall beds, those magical space-saving furnishings, are no longer confined to only guesthouses or guest rooms. Their clever disguise and multifunctional capabilities make them ideal candidates for nearly any room inside or outside the home. In this article, we explore five unexpected places where a Murphy wall bed can work its transformative magic. Home […]

Are you ready to go shopping for a Murphy wall bed? You will soon find there are plenty of choices available. But not all wall beds are created equal. In this article, our goal is to educate about the various reasons American made Murphy beds are the best choice and the best quality for your […]

What’s your style? If you are looking for an extra bed, extra storage and extra functionality for your home, Murphy Beds of San Diego has something sure to fit with nearly any décor. From traditional to transitional to contemporary, look at these suggestions for the best wall beds and cabinet beds to fit your unique […]

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