22 Feb

Unexpected Places to Tuck a Murphy Wall Bed

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Murphy wall beds, those magical space-saving furnishings, are no longer confined to only guesthouses or guest rooms. Their clever disguise and multifunctional capabilities make them ideal candidates for nearly any room inside or outside the home. In this article, we explore five unexpected places where a Murphy wall bed can work its transformative magic.

Home Office

This Plaza Murphy wall bed includes dual work stations ideal for a home office shared by spouses.

Do you need to use your home office for more than just creating spreadsheets and emailing invoices? Transform your home office into a multi-functional marvel by incorporating a Murphy bed. By day, focus on deadlines and messages; by night, roll down the bed and create a cozy haven for power naps or overnight guests. A wall bed is even better in the home office if it includes a hidden desk that folds away when the bed is pulled out, seamlessly transitioning your space from work zone to slumber zone.

Living Room

A pair of wall beds can easily transform a living room into flex space.

Even if your home does not have an extra room for guests or a home office, you can still enjoy the benefits of a Murphy wall bed by placing it in the living room. The solid hardwood cabinet makes it look like just another beautiful furnishing even though it holds a secret bed. If space is really limited, opt for a model that includes a sofa or game table along the front of the cabinet for additional functionality.


Transform a kid’s room with a Palms wall bed and built-in toy/display shelving.

Let’s face it, kids’ rooms often morph into chaotic toy repositories. Reclaim some floor space and add flexibility with a Murphy wall bed that includes a desk for homework, a sofa for playing video games, or a side pier with cubbies for toys. When your child’s friends spend the night, they’ve got an instant bed to bunk down in. The next morning, the mattress folds up into the cabinet and the room looks neat and tidy instantly.

Workroom or Hobby Space

Murphy wall bed system
Make beautiful music or artwork in this guest room cum studio featuring the Arizona wall bed with rustic industrial design.

Whether you’re a painter, musician, or writer, dedicating a room solely to your creative pursuits is a luxury many artists yearn for. But what if space is limited? Enter the Murphy wall bed for your home studio! Create a versatile artistic space that keeps your easel, instruments, or writing desk handy by day, and transforms into a restful retreat by night. Maximize your creative flow by having your tools and inspirations readily available in a set of side piers designed to provide ample storage.

Guest-Ready Garage

Don’t let limited guestroom space deter your desire to provide the best hospitality. Convert your garage into a welcoming oasis with a Murphy bed nestled within a custom storage unit. Add comfy bedding, lighting, and a few personal touches, and you’ve got a surprisingly stylish and private haven for out-of-towners. Plus, they’ll be impressed by your clever use of space.

Remember, the true magic of Murphy wall beds lies in their ability to adapt and transform. By thinking outside the bedroom box, you can unlock a world of possibilities, maximizing space, injecting flexibility, and adding a touch of surprise to your home. A Murphy wall bed is a well-made, stylish piece of furniture that is welcome in any home.

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