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Take a look around your home and, in particular, your spare room. Is there a lot of visual clutter? Are you lacking enough space for adequate storage and the ability to do all the things you wish to do, such a hobbies, crafts, exercise and more? If so, a multipurpose wall bed is just the […]

In today’s environment, adaptability is a key concept to not only survive but thrive. The term applies to our personal and professional lives as well as to our homes. When you quickly need to transform a space in your home into an office or schoolroom and then back to a living area, guest room or […]

Sure, Murphy wall beds are an ingenious furnishing to add to any home. But why not make them even more functional? We’re talking about handy wall beds with desks. They go beyond being just an extra bed that tucks up neatly out of the way; these are workhorses that can perform a variety of functions […]

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