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If you are like many people, chances are you were forced to share a room with a sibling while you were growing up. You may or may not have a fond memory of this experience. When your children need to share sleeping quarters, make sure they have the tools and furnishings necessary to help them […]

Versatile wall beds are a great addition to any home, but especially those with a limited amount of space. For many of us, that means a single spare room that must function as a guestroom, home office, craft center and more. Some of us have even less room and we must turn every inch of […]

Transformers are great to watch in the movies. But did you know that there is also transforming space saving furniture that quickly changes from one form to the next? Here are the ways that adding these pieces, also known as Murphy wall bed systems, can do more than just transform your home – they make […]

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