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Wall beds are so great for accomplishing so many things around the house: saving space, adding extra storage space, providing an extra bed for the occasional overnight guest and organizing just about anything. But we realize that not every Murphy bed presents a one-size-fits-all solution for every homeowner. That’s why we offer the ability to […]

What better time of year to start fresh with a totally do-able goal than the New Year? That’s right, January is the ideal month to finally create a fully functional work space or take control of your existing home office so that it works for you. Whether you are wishing to do more telecommunicating this […]

We often get the question, “Is there anywhere we can’t put a multi-functional wall bed?” There may be a few places where it wouldn’t be feasible, due to a room’s configuration or the absence of a suitably stable place to affix it. But because many wall beds can be configured as either horizontal or vertical, […]

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