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If you are fortunate enough to own a home with a basement, then you know how handy having this extra space can be. But rather than your basement ending up as a big room filled with clutter, cleaning supplies and boxes, why not transform it into a cool hangout? Take a look at these basement […]

When you or your kids live temporarily in a small space, such as a studio, tiny home, flat or walkup, the number one problem is usually lack of space. Think of it as a challenge to use every square foot wisely. In that regard, one of the best space hacks for a studio is a […]

Whether you are the one renting a home or providing a rental unit to tenants, there is one thing for sure: rental space headaches caused by lack of square footage. Here we take some of those headaches and propose a novel solution in the form of multipurpose wall beds and cabinet beds. Headache: no dining […]

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