22 Feb

Ways to Turn a One Bedroom Home into a Two Bed Property

Does your home have only a single bedroom, but you wish you had enough room to accommodate overnight guests? You may be surprised to learn there are several different ways to turn a one bedroom home into a two bed property, all with the addition of a cabinet bed or wall bed. Read on for more information.

Add a Murphy Wall Bed

Most people probably wouldn’t even guess that this wall of cabinets hides a Murphy Grand wall bed.

Although they take a bit of space jutting out from a wall, a Murphy bed fronted by cabinetry is an addition to any room that can be difficult to discern, especially if you choose a custom-made unit that matches existing millwork. Your guests will probably not even notice the Murphy wall bed is installed in the room, but it will be a pleasant surprise when it is bedtime.

Combine a Wall Bed with a Sofa

A wall bed with sofa is the perfect addition to a multi-functional living room, an apartment or other small space.

Taking the concept of a Murphy wall bed one step further, why not add a sofa along the front of the cabinet? This really makes the furnishing a multifunctional piece – sit and watch your favorite movie with guests on the sofa, then simply pull the mattress down over the sofa when they are ready to turn in for the night.

Choose a Cabinet Bed

cabinet bed in living room
Where could you fit a cabinet bed in your home?

For an option that takes up less than 10 square feet in any room, try a cabinet bed. The compact size means it fits nearly anywhere – even under a staircase or the end of a hallway – and the mattress easily pulls out to a sleeping surface that rests upon the bottom storage drawer. And hey, that storage drawer is pretty handy, especially in a very small space. You can even use the top of the cabinet bed to hold a television set, making it serve another purpose.

Home Office Transformation

plaza wall bed
A home office needn’t take up a lot of space. Shown here is the Royal Wall Bed with matching desk.

If you have another room to turn your one bedroom home into a two bed property but it is being used as a home office, don’t despair. A Murphy wall bed with attached desk and perhaps even side piers for storage, bookshelves and filing turns your home office into a neat and tidy space that is ready for overnight guests in minutes.

Nice Nook

cabinet bed
A cabinet bed is small enough to fire nearly anywhere

If you are truly strapped for space and your home has an open floor plan, think outside the box for a place where you could add a cabinet bed. An entryway, large closet, or even a corner of the dining room all provide sufficient space for a Murphy cabinet bed. And it looks like any other piece of furniture when not in use. To ensure a bit of privacy, you could provide a folding screen or curtain for your guests.

Plenty of Room for Pets, Too

A custom wall bed system can feature just about anything, including a built-in ironing board, tie rack or even a pet bed.

Did you know that with a custom Murphy wall bed system you can turn a one bedroom home into a two bed property that even includes a pet bed? It’s easy to find a small area of unused space to add a pull out drawer just for your dog or cat. Why shouldn’t they get their own space, too?

We hope you are inspired by this article to turn a one bedroom home into a two bed property simply by adding a cabinet bed or Murphy wall bed.

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