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Guest Room Decisions Made Easy with a Murphy Cabinet Bed

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Is this the year you will finally clean out your guestroom and do something to make it more usable? Maybe the kids have all moved out and you now have an extra bedroom. Or perhaps that extra room in your home is only being used for storage. Regardless of the reason, you need to turn that unused space into valuable real estate again. Before you make guest room decisions, consider your needs and how to free up space to do the things you love, starting with replacing a traditional bed with a Murphy cabinet bed.

What Could You Use That Extra Space For?

Take a moment and consider the ways you could use an extra room. Start with a clean slate by removing everything that is in your guest room right now so you can view the space with fresh eyes. Do you really need a traditional bed in there taking up tons of square footage, when it only gets used a couple times a year?

gray chest bed
A cabinet bed is a great addition to kids’ play space as it provides both storage and a bed for overnight guests.

Now picture the guest room the way it could be used on a daily basis. Would you love to have a real home office instead of working on your computer at the dining table? Do you enjoy exercising and want enough room to stretch out or dance across the floor? Maybe you are tired of picking up toys in the living room and wish your kids had a dedicated playroom. These are all great ways to use this bit of extra space, but a traditional bed will just get in the way.

A Murphy Cabinet Bed to the Rescue

A Murphy cabinet bed is an ideal way to open up the space in a guest room while still allowing it to function as a guest room, when needed.

You may be asking, why not just go with a Murphy wall bed? Although wall beds are fantastic pieces of furniture that can also be multifunctional, the truth is they are big, both in height and depth. A Murphy bed will take up most of a wall and needs to be permanently installed. There is no flexibility in moving it or when redesigning the space.

cabinet bed in studio
Cabinet beds leave plenty of space for everything else you want to do in a room.

A Murphy cabinet bed, on the other hand, is all those things and more. It is easily moved into place, easy to turn into a bed, and takes up less than 20 square feet of floor space. When not in use, the cabinet bed looks like a lovely wooden chest, and it can be accessorized with items along the top of the cabinet. It also features a handy storage drawer to give you that extra bit of storage space that is always needed.

Ready for Guests in Minutes

console bed
This Park Avenue cabinet bed takes just a minute to set up for sleeping.

When guests come to visit, you can turn the space into a more traditional guest room by adding a lamp to read by, side tables for eyeglasses and water bottles, a basket of blankets and a stack of magazines. The Murphy cabinet bed is always ready and waiting for use by an overnight guest. It is prepared for sleeping in minutes by flipping open the top panel, pulling out the bottom drawer and front section of the cabinet, flipping up the supports, then folding that section down for the mattress.

Have we made it easier for you to make guest room decisions that make sense? If so, please browse through our online selection of fine Murphy cabinet beds and find the style you love.

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