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Take a look around your home and, in particular, your spare room. Is there a lot of visual clutter? Are you lacking enough space for adequate storage and the ability to do all the things you wish to do, such a hobbies, crafts, exercise and more? If so, a multipurpose wall bed is just the […]

Ready or not, here it comes – back to school time for the kids! And in order to make this the best school year ever, take steps now to ensure that your children are prepared for all their classes. Here are our suggestions to get kids ready for back to school with a wall bed […]

Wall beds are so great for accomplishing so many things around the house: saving space, adding extra storage space, providing an extra bed for the occasional overnight guest and organizing just about anything. But we realize that not every Murphy bed presents a one-size-fits-all solution for every homeowner. That’s why we offer the ability to […]

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