24 Mar

Why American Made Murphy Beds are the Best Choice

Are you ready to go shopping for a Murphy wall bed? You will soon find there are plenty of choices available. But not all wall beds are created equal. In this article, our goal is to educate about the various reasons American made Murphy beds are the best choice and the best quality for your home, exclusively available at Murphy Beds of San Diego.

Purchasing American Goods is the Eco-Friendly Choice

When products are made right here in the United States, it represents not only a boost to our economy but also ensures the shortest shipping route. Murphy beds that are made overseas must be transported a further distance and fuel emissions are multiplied. Plus, this means you will get your wall bed sooner. Ask us which models are available with a quick shipping option if you can’t wait to get a Murphy bed installed.

Quality Beyond Compare

eco friendly wall beds
Our American made Murphy beds are crafted from solid hardwood.

American made Murphy beds are produced by master craftsmen. They take pride in their work and have earned a reputation for creating pieces that are of the highest quality you will find anywhere. Each little detail is attended to with the utmost care and it shows in the joints and the open/close mechanism, which comes with a lifetime warranty. These wall beds feature safety locks and bed straps to ensure there are no accidents when pulling out the mattress or sleeping on it.

All Solid Hardwood Construction

The Plaza Murphy wall bed is part of the solid hardwood American made collection.

When ordering a wall bed from overseas, you will usually find that they are made from flimsy particleboard. All standard American made Murphy beds offered at Murphy Beds of San Diego are made from Alder wood that is sourced in North America – once again cutting down emissions from overseas transportation. However, there are other wood species available. There are lots of choices when it comes to the finish color, too.

Premium Mattresses

wall bed mattress
This premium wall bed mattress is comfortable enough to sleep on every night.

In addition to the solid hardwood frame, our Murphy wall beds come complete with a premium mattress – unless you prefer using your own mattress. They are available in sizes from twin to king. Once you’ve slept on an American made Murphy bed with plush, supportive mattress, you will realize they are just as comfortable as a traditional bed but they take up so little space you’ll have plenty of area leftover to add to any room’s functionality.

Customize Your Wall Bed

Cromwell American made wall desk
The Cromwell Murphy wall bed can be ordered with a desk to make it multifunctional.

While we have plenty of American made models on our showroom floor, there is no need to feel limited by the styles you see in store. In fact, all of the wall beds in this collection can be customized to meet your exact needs. For example, you can order a bed with a custom finish color or custom size. There are plenty of ways to make it multifunctional, too, such as adding a desk or sofa to the front of the cabinet. If you have something in mind and you don’t see it readily available, just ask.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Wall beds are an investment in your home. Since they must be permanently installed, they become part of your home and increase its value. When you want your purchase to last and be the safest option for your family and guests, it should be clear that American made Murphy beds are the best choice.

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