Wall Bed Power Supplies

While Murphy beds have been around for quite some time (they were first invented around the turn of the twentieth century), they have come a long way in terms of manufacturing and technology.

Back in those days, a wall bed was just an ingenious way to double or triple the usable space in a room.  Of course, these days we rarely go without using portable technology of some kind, whether that’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet or MP3 player. So it just stands to reason that your wall bed system accommodate those devices by including electrical outlets.

When choosing a custom wall bed system from Murphy Beds of San Diego, power outlets can be placed wherever you desire. The most common placement is in built-in cabinets or piers that are located on one or both sides. These outlets are wired directly into to the electrical supply in the wall of your home.

A power supply to your wall bed can be visible or hidden, depending on your desires. For a home office system, it makes sense to have them handy at all times. Then again, if your wall bed is in a room that is mainly used for overnight guests, you may want to keep the outlets hidden from sight so as not to mar the beautiful design. Either way, this option makes your Murphy bed even more functional than ever.

Adding a power supply to your wall bed is a custom feature, so our designer will visit you in your home to determine the technical requirements involved. All you have to do is let us know how you plan to use your wall bed system, and we will make sure it works effortlessly and efficiently to meet your needs.

Plug into your wall bed system and open the possibilities in any room of your home.

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