Jacob S.

Jacob S.

I had expected to write this review in a completely different frame of mind, but after some confusion and a miss delivery date I was unbelievably surprised.

Everyone from the sales team to the warehouse manager did what ever possible to get me my bed as soon as possible. After being told I couldn’t get my bed now until the following week I expressed that because of my job that wouldn’t work. The wonderful people here didn’t say, “too bad”, they said, “We’ll see what we can do”.

I took that with a grain of salt but within the hour I got a call saying that they would go back to the warehouse to pick up my bed so it could be delivered today. Kevin from sales patiently took all my grief in a very professional and courteous way. Bravo!

Top notch furniture and top notch quality service. If you are even a little on the fence about going here, let me ease your mind. If their amazing stock doesn’t sell you immediately then let me sell you on their customer service. In a world where this sort of care has seemingly disappeared, Casual Dining and Murphy beds of San Diego has undoubtedly proven that their customers matter and are more than just a sales figure to them.

Marissa was especially amazing from start to finish helping me find the bed I needed and then following up to make sure everything went smoothly! So thank you very much Murphy Beds. I can’t express how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You all are amazing!

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