Welcome to Murphy Beds of San Diego

We believe it's possible to have your cake and eat it too; you can have your dining room, your office and storage space too all by the incorporation of the Murphy wall bed system in your home. Choose from our wide selection of Murphy Wall Beds, panel beds, fold-down beds, bi-fold beds, folding bed frames and wall bed mechanisms that let you transform walls, desks and closets into elegant, practical, comfortable spaces. By putting the focus back into the most important activity of the day and making the bedroom space or other unoccupied rooms more efficient, this space saver is a natural complement. We could do our work by day with the wall unit closed and when done its simple to pull down to utilize the bed keeping the bedding in tacked with no fuss. Quality and superb craftsmanship is the key and by using the best mechanism and your choice of one of our solid sophisticated designs the advantage of flexibility will add beauty along with functionality to your room. Murphy Beds of San Diego is a natural addition to what we already do here at Casual Dining & Bar Stools with services and customer satisfaction mirroring our existing infrastructure of customization, installation and delivery capabilities.