10 Apr

Create a Professional Home Office with Murphy Bed Plus Desk

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Are you still working from home out of an office that is little more than a corner of your bedroom? Perhaps you have to share your office space with a bed in the guestroom of your home. Or maybe you are just getting started creating a space in your house where you can get work done. In any case, you will want it to look like a professional space, especially if you have clients or vendors visiting from time to time. Take a look at these tips for designing a professional home office using a Murphy bed plus desk.

First Things First: Where?

If you are having a hard time imagining where you could carve out a bit of space for a desk and a bookshelf, at minimum, you may need to think outside the box. Depending on your needs, it could be an unused closet, the end of a hallway, the space underneath a staircase or a corner of the kitchen.

mirage desk wall bed

This horizontal Murphy bed with desk would fit almost anywhere.

If you simply must incorporate a home office in a room designed for other purposes, such as a guestroom, living room, den or basement, it can still look professional, with the right furnishings. This is where a Murphy bed plus desk really comes in handy. It looks smart and handsome all closed up, with the desk in front, but easily switches to a guest bed when needed.

What Else Do You Need Beside a Desk?

custom wall bed system

This Murphy bed has a multipurpose table in addition to a desk

Speaking of furnishings, a Murphy bed plus desk is the ideal cornerstone of your professional home office, but what else could you use to organize the space? For most of us, a bookshelf or two, filing cabinet, whiteboard and printer stand are considered essentials. The good news is that all of these items – and more – can be incorporated in your Murphy bed plus desk if you add side piers. With a Murphy bed wall system, you can even take matching cabinetry around the room so that you have plenty of storage and room for all your supplies, technology and accessories. This is an excellent way to control clutter and present a very professional look to clients.

Add the Extras

Space-saving Mirage desk wall bed

A professional home office would not be complete without proper lighting, electrical outlets and USB ports. Remember to consider all the peripherals you need to work with, such as video monitors, television sets, computer equipment, phones, tablets and other devices.

The beauty of using a Murphy bed plus desk is that you can have all those features built into the side piers and/or cabinets. This is considered a custom Murphy bed wall system, which you can design to perfectly meet your home office needs.

It’s Time to Get Your Murphy Bed with Desk

When it comes to working from home in a professional setting, it’s hard to beat the value, aesthetics and functionality of a Murphy bed plus desk with side piers.

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