18 May

The Tiny House Movement and Desk Wall Beds

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Unless you have been out of touch with the news in the past several years, you are undoubtedly aware of the tiny house movement. It started out as a trend among young urbanites who couldn’t afford a full-size home but has since escalated into a full-fledged crusade against big mortgages and immobile structures.

tiny house San Diego

Is a Tiny Home for You?

For those residents who want to own a home but don’t wish to be saddled with a big mortgage or a permanent structure, a tiny home may be the ideal solution.

Here in San Diego, the demand for tiny homes is on the upswing, with whole communities dedicated to the small structures popping up throughout Southern California. Some of them are billed as “co-ops” which provide communal services such as gardens, farmer’s markets, recreational facilities and more to each member.

Along with a tiny home, however, comes some tiny considerations; i.e. space, furnishings, functionality and the like. When you are living in just a few hundred square feet, every inch is necessary and must be thoughtfully considered regarding purpose. What better answer to the problem of limited space than Murphy beds?

The Mirage Desk Wall Bed is the Perfect Fit for a Tiny Home

Mirage H Desk Wall Bed 1

Murphy beds which fold up against the wall, and those with multiple uses, are a perfect fit in any tiny house. Here are just some of the reasons why.

  1. Desk wall beds with a queen-sized mattress take up less than 30 square feet of floor space.
  2. You can order a Mirage Desk Wall Bed as either a horizontal or vertical Murphy bed. That means it’s easy for you to fit this wall bed into the space available, whether you have more room going up the wall or across the wall.
  3. Need to make room for a home office in your tiny home? Not only is the Mirage a comfy, supportive bed, it doubles as a desk or work table. Everything on the surface of the desk stays put while you pull out the bed, so no need to move your work.
  4. Add a matching side pier for storage, filing or display space. This is the ideal solution if you want to use the desk or table for work, hobbies, crafting, studying or writing as you can easily keep supplies close by.
  5. Need a clothes closet? Add a side pier wardrobe to vertical desk wall beds to neatly keep your garments out of sight.
  6. Add USB ports, power outlets and lighting for ultimate functionality.
  7. Whether your Murphy bed needs to be the main bed in your tiny home or it serves as a guest bed in a slightly larger house, the Mirage Desk Wall Bed is super comfortable with its optional premium, cooling memory foam mattress.

mirage horizontal desk wall bed

Desk Wall Beds + Small Spaces = a Match Made in Heaven

Even if you don’t own a tiny home but do have limited space in your house, a wall bed with desk or table is a nifty solution to so many different problems. It allows you to truly use every inch of space available while serving many purposes.

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