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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love a Cabinet Bed

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Have you heard about cabinet beds, aka chest beds? These versatile pieces of furniture are the lesser known cousins of the Murphy bed. There are plenty of reasons why you might prefer them over a bigger wall bed. Here are our top 5 reasons why everyone should love a cabinet bed.

They Take Up Less Room

cabinet bed
A cabinet bed is small enough to fire nearly anywhere

When you need to add a guest bed in your home, you may not always have enough space to make it a Murphy wall bed, especially if the ceilings in your rooms are low, the walls are thin or wall space is limited. Cabinet beds are generally about 3.5’ tall and their footprint takes up only 10 square feet of floor space. Consider tucking a cabinet bed in a small, unused area such as a large closet, the end of a hallway or underneath a set of stairs. With cabinet beds, you do not need a dedicated guestroom to accommodate overnight guests.

Cabinet Beds Provide Extra Storage

This roomy storage drawer at the base of the cabinet bed provides extra storage.

Here is another reason why everyone should love a cabinet bed: they come with a roomy storage drawer built into the bottom of the cabinet. Unlike Murphy bed systems, which require side piers to provide extra storage, nearly all our cabinet beds include the storage drawer plus they are rated to hold a TV set of up to 60” along the top of the cabinet. If you have a good amount of wall space available, you could opt for a Metro Wall Unit and Cabinet Bed which provides even more storage. Who couldn’t use extra storage space?

Reclaim Your Guestroom

gray chest bed

Most of us have to be content with only a single extra room. That room often must function as a home office, a playroom, a workout room, a hobby shop and more. When you get rid of the traditional bed hogging up all the square footage and replace it with a cabinet bed, you can easily reclaim that extra area for all your favorite activities. Just think of all the things you could do with that extra floor space in a guestroom. When guests arrive to spend the night, simple pull the bed out from the cabinet and it is ready for a great night’s sleep, thanks to the premium trifold memory foam mattress included with all our cabinet beds.

Cabinet Beds are a Stylish Piece of Furniture

sagebrush cabinet bed
Cabinet beds are small, affordable and come with a large storage drawer, plus space for a large screen TV.

You can easily customize your cabinet bed to match other components in the room. Select from several different cabinet finishes in popular wood tones or white or dark lacquer. Many of our cabinet beds also come with a set of two different drawer knobs which you can change out as you wish. There are plenty of styles to choose from, as well, from sleek and contemporary to classic and country.

Transform a Child’s Bedroom

clover murphy cabinet bed
The Clover Murphy cabinet bed features dual USB/power outlets conveniently located at the head of the cabinet.

What child does not enjoy having friends stay the night? But when there is only one bed in their room, it makes it hard to find a comfortable place for their friends to sleep. Here is a reason why everyone should have a cabinet room in a kid’s room: it becomes an instant overnight bed perfect for sleepovers at night while providing plenty of storage for toys, books and games by day. Many of our cabinet beds even feature a handy dual USB/power outlet along the bottom front of the cabinet, perfect for charging electronic devices.

We hope these 5 reasons why everyone should love a cabinet bed will inspire you to transform your home with these unique and versatile furnishings.

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