Category: Custom Murphy Wall Beds

Are you in the middle of a renovation – or considering making over your digs? If the space is small, you know how important it is to utilize every square inch. And the one furnishing which can help you do that best is a space-saving Murphy bed. Here are the top reasons why you need […]

Is fitness your passion? Then chances are, one of your home must-haves is a workout room. But not everyone has a house large enough to accommodate both a dedicated home gym and a guest bedroom. The solution? Add a Murphy bed so you have ample room for both. Here are our tips for helping you […]

What if there was a way to easily and quickly multiply your home’s square footage? No, we are not talking about an addition to your house or some magical way of increasing its size.  It all has to do with Murphy wall beds and how they take up so little room, it’s almost like adding […]

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