17 Apr

Double or Triple the Interior Space of Any Room with a Murphy Wall Bed System

You know that when space is at a premium, every inch counts. That means you don’t have room in close quarters for any piece of furniture that doesn’t serve one, two or even three different purposes. And when it comes to traditional beds, they just don’t cut the mustard, in terms of functionality. That’s why a Murphy wall bed system with space saving design is your best bet when every inch counts.

Murphy Beds Have a Long History of Space Saving Design

Did you know? The Murphy bed, as we know it today, was invented around 1900. Although the Sears catalog offered foldup beds prior to that time, they were not made with the same ingenious design for which William Lawrence Murphy received a patent at the turn of the century.

As the story goes, Murphy was living in a one-room apartment. He wanted to a woo an opera singer but couldn’t do so in his “bedroom,” as the moral code of the time frowned upon this. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and Murphy devised a way to fold his bed up and out of site behind a handsome wood cabinet to solve his dilemma.

Murphy Beds Are Even More Important Today

Although most, if not all, of our clients don’t live in one-room apartments, they are often looking for a solution to limited space availability in their homes. Most of them have a single extra room which has to serve double or triple duty as a guest bedroom plus home office, study, hobby room, exercise studio, crafting area, library, art studio or more. So, while the room needs a bed, it can’t take over the room and waste precious space.

A Murphy Bed Wall System to the Rescue!

Luckily, the Murphy bed has evolved to do more than just provide sleeping quarters as needed. Today, the options to design a complete wall bed system, including side piers and desk, are nearly limitless.

In fact, our in-house designers have come up with ingenious systems that address the needs of all those extra purposes for a guestroom listed above – and then some. All of our wall bed systems use a small footprint which takes up a minimal amount of floor space while providing maximum storage and work space. It’s easy to double or even triple the area you have to accomplish everything you want in a single room, all while providing comfy, overnight quarters for guests.

Whether you want to turn that extra room of yours into a place for work and studying, scrapbooking or sewing, costume design or sketching, reading or writing, or anything else you can possibly imagine, it’s all doable with a custom Murphy wall bed system with custom built-in cabinets. Just look at the some of the space saving designs we’ve created for satisfied customers.

space saving design wall bed

Add a desk and side piers to create a work/study area in your guest room.


custom designed Murphy wall bed system

You can do nearly anything with this custom designed Murphy bed system, which includes a sectional sofa, bookcase and closet.


Murphy wall bed system

Make beautiful music or artwork in this guest room cum studio.


space saving design Murphy bed system

Is it a guest room, or a library? It’s both, and done beautifully in this custom Murphy wall bed system.


No Space? No Problem

Now that you see what possibilities are open with a space saving design in Murphy wall bed systems, all it requires is consultation with our design staff. Let your imagination go wild – and your custom-created Murphy wall bed system slip into any space in your home.

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