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How To Choose a Murphy Bed

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No doubt you have heard about the great space saving features and functionality of a wall bed. Because they are popular and becoming even more so, you have lots of options, which can make it difficult to find the right one for your home. Here we offer advice on how to choose a Murphy bed that fits your needs and your space.

Murphy Wall Beds are Popular

This Ishmel Wall Bed features side piers with lots of handy storage space as well as a desk – and it is a stock piece.

In the last few years, Murphy beds have seen a resurgence in popularity. This is largely due to the conditions we experienced during the pandemic, such as the need to work from home, combine functions in existing space and organize our homes. The tiny house movement also played a role. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of nifty features that make Murphy wall beds an ideal solution in a variety of situations.

Size Matters

Mattress size options range from twin to king.

When you need to choose a Murphy bed for a room in your home, be aware that they are available in several different mattress sizes – anything from twin to king. Queen-sized mattresses are the most common option, however. The size you choose will affect how much room you need to leave in front of the cabinet in order to fully extend the bed. While you can order a mattress made to fit the wall bed of your choice, you can also choose to purchase your own mattress separately; just be sure it will fit in the depth of the cabinet enclosure, usually 8 – 12 inches.

Vertical or Horizontal?

mirage desk wall bed
This horizontal Murphy bed with desk would fit almost anywhere. Just pull the cabinet front down over the desk and leave your work in place. The desk is a perfect size for a home office setting.

Another way that size matters is by deciding on a traditional, vertical Murphy wall bed or one with a horizontal configuration. The picture above shows the same Mirage wall bed as the one in the preceding section – just as a horizontal model.

Which you choose will depend on where you have the most amount of wall space – going up or going across the wall. The handy thing about a horizontal wall bed is that if you order it with a desk or table attached to the front of the cabinet, it can be wider than that on a vertical model. Either one works the same way as far as pulling the mattress down and out of the cabinet although a horizontal bed folds out along the long edge instead of by the foot of the mattress.

Will the Wall Bed Be Your Main Bed?

A wall bed with side piers for storage is ideal for a small home and comfortable enough to sleep in every night.

If you are living in a smaller home, you may want to choose a Murphy bed for the comfort and convenience it will provide every day and night as your main bed. As opposed to a cabinet bed, which is not permanently installed, a wall bed is a better option in terms of comfort and stability. Because the wall bed is securely attached to the wall, it actually becomes part of your home, increasing the value. Cabinet beds are fine for the occasional guest, but for your main bed, choose a Murphy bed.

Think About Functionality

This Encore wall bed with desk and side piers provides lots of functionality and storage space.

When you choose a Murphy bed, keep in mind that you can also choose added extras such as the desk or table previously mentioned, a sofa, or side piers which can be configured for a variety of uses. Those side piers can contain a wardrobe, shelving, drawers, bins, pet beds – nearly anything you can think of can be ordered as a custom Murphy wall bed system. Lots of storage options are available that help you organize your home and give it a neat, clean appearance.

When you are ready to choose a Murphy bed, take into account these considerations to ensure you select the right model and extras that work best for your lifestyle and space.

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