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The amazingly versatile Murphy bed, once relegated to studio apartments and guest rooms, has evolved into a stylish and space-saving furnishing for modern living. But the story doesn’t end there. When paired with a cleverly integrated desk, this dynamic duo transforms your home into a functional and flexible living space. Let’s delve into the many […]

Whether it’s a mother-in-law suite, a tiny home, or a micro-apartment, a small living space means that every square inch of space counts. Although long seen as a prop for comedic effect or a bachelor pad holdout, Murphy wall beds, along with their cousin the cabinet bed, are a perfect choice for micro sized spaces. […]

Not all homeowners are blessed with high ceilings in their houses, and this can be a particular challenge when it comes to decorating the space. Luckily there are still plenty of wall beds and cabinet beds that will serve the purpose of providing a place for overnight guests to stay comfortably. Take a look at […]

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