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Micro Sized Spaces Need Murphy Wall Beds or Cabinet Beds

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Whether it’s a mother-in-law suite, a tiny home, or a micro-apartment, a small living space means that every square inch of space counts. Although long seen as a prop for comedic effect or a bachelor pad holdout, Murphy wall beds, along with their cousin the cabinet bed, are a perfect choice for micro sized spaces. Here is what you need to know about these fantastic and multi-functional furnishings.

Back to the Future

original murphy bed

The story goes that the first wall bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy. Murphy was a bachelor living in a studio apartment at the turn of the century. Since his home only contained a single room that prevented him from entertaining respectable women since they couldn’t be subjected to the view of his bed (gasp!). Murphy’s ingenuity went to work creating a bed that could be hidden in a cabinet attached to the wall. And so, the first wall bed was made. Although it went out of favor rather quickly in the ensuing decades, today the Murphy bed is making a big comeback.

Why a Murphy Wall Bed? Let’s Count the Ways

Space Saving

mirage wall bed with desk
A horizontal Mirage Murphy wall bed is a better fit in a home with lower ceilings or limited square footage.

When it comes to micro-sized spaces, saving even an inch or two can make a huge difference in the layout of a room. Space saving furniture just makes sense. A Murphy wall bed’s cabinet juts out from the wall a mere 18 – 20 inches, as opposed to a convertible sofa, which is 36 inches wide, minimum.

This Austin Queen Cabinet Bed has a small footprint of about 10 square feet.

A cabinet bed is another option. A queen-sized model, on average, is sized at 65 inches wide and a foot in depth, or about 10 square feet. That is still a much smaller footprint than any other comfortable sleeping platform option.


When it comes to the comfort of the sleeping experience, Murphy wall beds and cabinet beds offer superior support as compared to a sofa bed in micro-sized spaces.

Murphy wall bed mattress size options range from twin to king.

In the case of a Murphy bed, the mattress is pulled down from the cabinet attached to the wall. There is no foundation needed other than the transverse straps included in the wall bed’s construction. There are plenty of different types of mattresses available with your purchase, from memory foam to more traditional coil systems. You can even purchase a regular mattress, as long as it properly fits the enclosure.

movable cabinet beds mattress
Cabinet beds feature premium trifold memory foam mattresses

A cabinet bed mattress is trifold so that it can be sized down to fit inside the cabinet. These are specialty mattresses made with premium cooling gel and memory foam that is several inches thick. The mattress is not only comfortable, but it also has antimicrobial properties thanks to being CertiPUR-US certified.


This Encore wall bed with desk and side piers provides lots of functionality and storage space.

Today’s Murphy wall beds have come a long way from the original prototype created by Lawrence Murphy. New technology and enhanced engineering mean you can now purchase a Murphy bed system complete with as many options as you wish. Options include side piers that can be configured with your choice of shelving or closet space, adding a desk or table to the front of the cabinet, or even a sofa.

This roomy, rolling drawer at the base of the cabinet bed provides extra storage.

Cabinet beds also offer lots of functionality. Most come with a pair of USB ports and electrical outlets along the front bottom edge of the cabinet making them handy to access while in the bed. All feature a spacious storage drawer along the bottom of the cabinet. The top of the cabinet bed is a great place for a TV set or any other items you want to display.

At the end of the day, micro-sized spaces need not be uncomfortable, difficult to furnish or overly crowded. Adding a Murphy wall bed or cabinet bed is just the ticket to optimize every square inch.

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