4 May

How to Decorate a Bare Wall

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Most of us have one – a bare wall that is doing nothing to earn its keep. Whether that wall is in your guestroom, your living room, a home office or a hobby room, isn’t it time you made it work for you? Here are our suggestions for decorating that bare wall beautifully. Hint: it all starts with a versatile, multi-functional wall bed.

Why You Need a Multi-Functional Wall Bed

When there is a bare wall in any one of the rooms in your home, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start decorating it with a multi-functional wall bed. This handsome piece of all hardwood furniture provides an extra bed for overnight guests. But, you can also configure it with features that make it the perfect addition to a home office, hobby room or den.

Amish collection Hampton wall bed

Reinforced joints and dovetailed drawers make the Hampton wall bed one you will enjoy for many, many years. The side piers are a standard option.

For a truly multi-functional unit, consider adding custom or preconfigured side piers to your wall bed. With a custom Murphy wall bed, you can select side piers that contain just about anything to help keep you organized and provide a neat and tidy place to store all sorts of items. This includes bookshelves, filing cabinets, a wardrobe, storage cabinets, drawers, cubbies, even a pet bed – you name it, and we can customize a Murphy bed to fit your exact needs.

This Plaza Wall Bed was ordered with custom side piers to form a home office perfect for two.

So, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t start decorating that spare wall in your home with a versatile, multi-functional wall bed.

Make the Space Look Beautiful

All of our wall beds are made from solid, North American hardwood, so they always look just as good as they perform. You have a choice between several different finishes, from white painted lacquer to dark wood stains. You can also add hardware options and molding of your choice to give the multi-functional wall bed a slightly different look.

The desk is a standard option with the Cromwell Desk Wall Bed

Another option is to add a desk to the front of the wall bed cabinet. This can come in handy in a home office, a child’s bedroom or a game room. It looks great by day and at night, the bed folds down over the desk top for sleeping.

empress wall bed with side piers

This Murphy wall bed has bookshelves and a small pull down table, plus storage drawers. The pictures stay in place even when the mattress is folded up within the cabinet.

If you wish to give your overnight guests something interesting to view, consider hanging a picture on the wall space between the upright cabinet side pieces. The picture easily stays in place when the bed is pulled up during the day and shows a gorgeous work of art when the mattress is pulled down at night.

This Encore Wall Bed with side piers is the perfect way to show off art or collectibles.

If you opt to add side piers to your multi-functional wall bed, consider designating at least a shelf or two to house a collection of knick-knacks, family photos or pieces of art.

Another idea is to add pictures around the wall bed or its side piers. Opt for an artful arrangement rather than a straight up and down design to make the wall really stand out.

That Bare Wall is Just Taking Up Space – Time for a Change

Why allow that bare wall in your home to take up space without being useful? Add a multi-functional wall bed, along with side piers, for additional organization and storage today.

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