23 Apr

Murphy Wall Beds Have Gone From Hollywood to Hip

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Murphy wall beds have been around for quite some time – more than a hundred years, to be exact. Apparently, a good idea has staying power. But wall beds haven’t always been as popular as they are today. Here is a brief historical look at the iconic Murphy bed and how it has affected our lifestyles. 

The Early Days 

original murphy bed

The story goes that the wall bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy around the turn of the twentieth century. Murphy was looking for a way to properly entertain a young lady in the prudish Victorian era. He could not do see in his bedroom – and since he lived in a one-room flat, that made courting his love interest impossible. Lo and behold, Murphy devised a mechanism to stow his bed away and transform his flat into a parlor. Thus, the Murphy wall bed was born. 

In those early days, the wall bed mechanism was not always reliable and Hollywood comedians added a Murphy bed to their repertoire. Hilarious skits ensued…and the Murphy wall bed acquired a less-than-reliable reputation. 

New York City Boom 

Murphy was able to take his patent for the foldup bed mechanism and start a company in New York City. Even with the bad press, courtesy of Hollywood, Murphy wall beds were a hit due to the number of small-sized apartments and hotel rooms where space was a premium. The heyday of the Murphy bed occurred in the 1920s, where owners of these unique, space-saving beds considered them status symbols. Today, a few of these early originals still exist in flats around the Big Apple. 

Return to Favor 

empress wall bed with side piers

This Murphy wall bed has bookshelves and a small pull down table, plus storage drawers.

Today, the status of the Murphy bed as a comfortable and functional piece of furniture has been fully restored. Not only are modern Murphy wall beds made with solid hardwoods, super reliable mechanisms and the finest quality craftsmanship, they are high-end additions to any home. Pick the style, finish, features and size that you desire, and you will get exactly that, with an ample warranty to ensure your investment lasts. And because the wall bed is securely attached to a wall, it can become a permanent fixture in your home, thereby increasing its value. 

Library wall bed

This gorgeous Library wall bed is offered in several different finishes.

Another aspect of today’s Murphy wall beds is that they be customized in a nearly endless manner. Add side piers or full cabinetry around your room to include features such as wardrobes, bookshelves, filing cabinets, storage drawers and much, much more. These Murphy wall beds go far beyond anything William Lawrence Murphy could have imagined over a century ago. 

Murphy Wall Beds are Hip Again 

And will all these great features and functionality, it’s no wonder that Murphy wall beds have once again become hip. Now it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood takes another crack at them! 

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