20 Sep

Renovating Your Home? Add a Solid Hardwood Cabinet Bed

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If you have ever gone through a home renovation, you know how it upends your life. All of a sudden, you realize how many belongings you have accumulated over the years. If you are like most homeowners, you will vow to make better use of your space and do a better job of organizing all your things. That’s why planning a home renovation is the perfect time to think about how you could incorporate a solid hardwood cabinet bed in your home to help achieve your goals.

A Solid Hardwood Cabinet Bed Frees Up Floor Space

Many San Diego homeowners have the same problem – a limited amount of square footage. That means every inch counts and it’s a good idea to use furnishings that take up little space while performing more than one function.

Sagebrush cabinet bed

A solid hardwood cabinet bed fits the bill. It is the perfect addition to a guest bedroom or home office. Each bed features a roomy storage drawer to keep things neat and a cabinet that easily holds a television set of up to 50 inches in size. When the cabinet is closed, it takes up a mere 10 square feet of floor space. That’s a huge improvement over a traditional, freestanding queen-size bed, which requires 10 x 10 square feet in a room. Just think of what you could use all that extra space for…which leads us to the next point.

Make Your Home Work for You

What is it that you are passionate about? Do you enjoy watching movies, playing video games, reading books, working out, crafting or another hobby? Shouldn’t the way you use your home – and especially your spare room – be a factor in the renovation process?

With a solid hardwood cabinet bed, you have newfound freedom to pursue your passions and hobbies. Since the cabinet is placed against the wall, all that extra square footage in the middle of the room becomes the perfect place to perfect your downward dog, set up a game table or a cabinet with lots of cubbies and drawers to store your craft supplies.

Turn an Unused Space into a Guestroom

Sometimes, you have a little bit of space tucked away into a corner or perhaps under a set of stairs that goes to waste…unless you can add a solid hardwood cabinet bed.

Think outside the box to come up with a small area that could be transformed into a guest bedroom with just a little effort. It may be a large closet, the end of a wide hallway, an unused dining room, a California room or even a bedroom with a sitting area. All of these areas could be turned into a guestroom, using a cabinet bed that includes built-in USB and power outlets, a spacious storage drawer, plus room for a stack of books and magazines or towels on top of the cabinet. Add a nightstand and perhaps a set of hooks on the back of the door and it’s all set for an overnight guest.

Include a Solid Hardwood Cabinet Bed in Your Renovation Plans

These are just a few ideas for ways to incorporate a sturdy, all hardwood cabinet bed in your home and finally utilize all the square footage available.

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