7 Jan

Resolve to Get More Work Done From Home

What better time of year to start fresh with a totally do-able goal than the New Year? That’s right, January is the ideal month to finally create a fully functional work space or take control of your existing home office so that it works for you. Whether you are wishing to do more telecommunicating this year, need to organize paperwork for a home-based business or simply need a space dedicated to files and folders, here are some tips for a wall bed organization system that works for you.

Start with Your Workspace

mirage desk wall bed
This horizontal Murphy bed with desk would fit almost anywhere.

Think about the most logical place for your home office. While it may be convenient to take over a corner of the kitchen or living room, understand that interruptions in these high traffic areas will be common. If you really want to get your work done, opt for a completely separate room. For most of us, that means a guestroom that must function as both a bedroom and an office. That’s why we recommend incorporating a wall bed organization system which provides a place for everything you need during the day while delivering a super comfortable guest bed at night. The wall bed system is mounted to the wall for a permanent installation and comes in either a horizontal or vertical configuration.

Add a Desk

This home office features two desks in a custom wall bed system.

Arguably the most important part of your home office is a desk or work table. There is always a need to spread out papers, books, computer equipment and the like. Make sure you have plenty of space to do just that. A wall bed organization system that includes a desk – or two – is a great place to start. You can either opt for a wall bed that comes equipped with a desk along the front of the cabinet or ask us to design a custom system of adjoining, matching millwork. In the former case, all your work and your computer can stay put on the desk while the wall bed folds down over the top. In the latter case, the sky is the limit as far as the desk’s size, dimensions and placement in the room.

Add All the Extras

Now we get to the fun part – adding all the components to your wall bed organization system that will make it easy (dare we say “fun”?) to get your work done at home.

Royal wall bed with custom built-in bookcases gives extra space to store or display.

For the majority of home offices, a sturdy set of bookshelves is a must. It’s easy to add one set or two as side piers on each side of your wall bed and have plenty of space to store books, binders and boxes. You may also want a couple drawers for small office supplies. A bit of counter space between the shelves and drawers allows you to display photos or could be used for computer equipment. Don’t forget about adding task lighting and power/USB outlets where they will come in handy.

A custom side pier with built-in ironing board.

But you can also think way outside the box to develop a wall bed organization system that keeps your specific office supplies stowed neatly away when not in use. For instance, adding a wardrobe and maybe even a built-in ironing board (as shown above) would be a good choice for a seamstress or fashion designer. A tilting table and generously sized cubby for blueprints would certainly be helpful for an architect. A writer or blogger might enjoy having a corkboard close to the desk and a file cabinet for folders of ideas. These are just a few of the ways you can completely customize a wall bed organization system to perfectly suit your needs.

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