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Tips for Buying and Installing a Murphy Wall Bed

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Could you use a handy Murphy wall bed in your home? If you have recently begun to research the use and benefits of a wall bed, then this guide will help you navigate the process. Here is what we – and our customers –have learned over decades of Murphy wall bed experience.

Is the Murphy Wall Bed going to be used nightly?

For those of us living in a studio or other space-constrained home, a Murphy wall bed may be the best solution for a goodnight’s sleep every night. If that is the case, you will want to purchase the best mattress possible (no box spring necessary). You can use your own, or order a mattress along with your wall bed.

wall bed mattress
One of the premium mattress options available for purchase with your Murphy wall bed.

Also, be sure to order a Murphy wall bed that is made in North America, so you can rest assured that it is of the best quality and uses an open/close mechanism that is guaranteed for life. You will also want to choose a style from the many available that blends well with your décor.

Do you plan on staying in your current home for some time?

park avenue cabinet bed

If you are planning on staying put for several years, at least,then a Murphy wall bed makes sense. The bed’s cabinet requires a permanent installation to securely affix it to a wall. Investing in a Murphy bed is an investment in your house, one that will increase its value. However, if you will be living in your current home for a short period of time, a cabinet bed,which is not attached to the wall, would be a better choice since you can easily take it with you.

How much space do you need?

Before ordering your Murphy wall bed, which is available to accommodate mattress sizes from twin to king, be sure to measure the available floor space. When the mattress is pulled down from the cabinet, you need to be able to access the bed, so you will need a couple feet on either side, ideally.

What about bedding?

This Murphy Wall Bed uses beautiful bedding – and even a picture that displays when the bed is open.

For most people using a Murphy wall bed on a regular basis,the mattress often remains folded down. But, when company comes or you just need the extra room, the bed gets folded back up into the cabinet. For ease of use, you will want to choose bed covers that are not so bulky they make it difficult for the mattress to fit inside the cabinet. Thin layers of bedding often work better than a single, bulky comforter. Remember that pillows, bolsters and other decorative items won’t fit in the cabinet so you will have to store them elsewhere (a side pier with drawers is a great solution).

How easy is it to install a Murphy Wall Bed?

For safety’s sake, we would always recommend that you use a professional installer to ensure that your Murphy wall bed is securely fastened to the wall.If you are handy, you probably won’t have too much difficulty assembling the wall bed but when in doubt, leave it to team of experienced mill workers –especially if you also choose custom side piers or other matched furnishings.

Have any other questions? We welcome you to call either of our stores to consult with a professional who can help you decide on the best Murphy wall bed for your needs.

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