10 Nov

To Do List to Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests

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Has the fact that the holidays are here again this year caught you off guard? Like it or not, ‘tis the season to host parties, schedule get-togethers and plan on having friends and family members visit. Make sure you and your home are ready for holiday guests with these handy and helpful tips.

Make Sure Smoke Alarms and Carbon Detectors Are Working

Safety first. If you plan on making meals and having overnight guests, check your smoke alarms and carbon detectors. Even if they are working fine today, this might be a good time to replace the batteries – a task that should be done at least annually.

Paint the Guestroom

When is the last time you updated the guestroom in your home? If the walls are looking a bit dingy or dirty, you can easily paint them in a weekend and have the room looking fresh and bright before guests arrive.

Add a Murphy Bed…

No space for a traditional bed for guests in your home? No worries. How about adding a Murphy bed to your extra room, study or basement? Murphy wall beds are so convenient to get your home ready for holiday guests while freeing up plenty of space to use the room for other purposes the rest of the year. Add a pair of side piers to house a wardrobe and shelves for even more, everyday functionality – and convenience for your out-of-town guests while visiting.

…Or Add a Cabinet Bed

sagebrush cabinet bed
Some of our cabinet beds include USB ports and power outlets, as well as a foldout table at the head of the bed.

No room for a Murphy bed? Perhaps you do not have a wall that will accommodate the installation of a wall bed. A cabinet bed could be the best solution for providing a comfortable bed for the occasional overnight guest. With a very small footprint and the ability to be moved as needed, cabinet beds such as the Sagebrush cabinet bed pictured above are always a welcome addition. The shelf is a handy place for eyeglasses, a glass of water or an alarm clock while the under-cabinet storage drawer can hold extra blankets, pillows and clothing.

Ensure There is Plenty of Lighting and Outlets Available

metro cabinet bed with wall unit
This Metro cabinet bed with wall unit features puck lights under the bridge.

Whether you opt for a wall bed or cabinet bed to accommodate overnight guests, be sure you select a model with extras such as an electrical outlet, USB port and task lighting. This helps your friends and family members to truly feel at home by providing them with the little extras that everyone uses daily.

Give Your Guests a Place for Their Things

In addition to the cabinet bed storage and Murphy bed side piers, think about all the things an overnight guest would find useful. Consider adding a low table to hold a suitcase, a basket for towels and extra bedding and a large plastic bag for dirty laundry. A caddy filled with bottled water and small bags of snacks are sure to be appreciated. A few magazines or favorite books are another welcome addition.

We hope you found these suggestions to get your home ready for holiday guests was helpful. At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we encourage you to do your Murphy bed and cabinet bed shopping as early as possible so you get the exact model you need and so we can schedule our installers to visit your home on a timely basis.

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