30 Aug

Top Reasons Not to Buy a Bargain Murphy Bed

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All it takes is a quick search of the internet to realize that there are lots of options for buying a bargain Murphy bed – everything from cheap beds made in China to do-it-yourself instructions for making your own. However, we caution you to think about the consequences before you opt for any of those. Here are the top reasons why you should choose a high quality model from Murphy Beds of San Diego.

Safety of the Open/Close Mechanism

The top reason why you should not buy a bargain Murphy bed – especially one that is manufactured overseas – is that the open/close mechanisms are not reliable. The bed may not function properly, rendering it useless, and unsafe.

Amish wall bed

There’s a lifetime warranty on the open/close mechanism of these Amish wall beds.

At Murphy Beds of San Diego, all of our wall beds come with a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism. They include bed straps and safety locks, as well.

Cabinet Quality

Next up is the quality of the cabinet itself. Many a bargain Murphy bed is constructed with cheap particle board and glued joints. Over time, these beds will begin to look their age and possibly even fall apart.

Dovetailed joints make our Amish wall beds extremely durable.

The majority of our wall beds are constructed from solid North American hardwood, such as alder. Many of them are crafted by Amish carpenters, who take the time and effort to produce the highest quality Murphy beds made in North America on the market today, using time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation.


When you buy a bargain Murphy bed from overseas, chances are the wood finish is applied using an inferior product – one that could even cause health issues in those who are sensitive to toxic chemicals or harmful additives.

Some of the finishes available in our Murphy beds

Our wall beds are finished in your choice of color, using a multiple-step process that ensures the beauty of the wood will never suffer due to cracking, peeling or fading.

Custom Choices

And here is the last reason why you should reconsider your decision to buy a bargain Murphy bed – the ability to customize your bed. The cheapest wall beds are only available in one color, with one style of hardware and no add-on options.

custom designed Murphy wall bed system

This CAD rendering shos that you can do nearly anything with this custom designed Murphy bed system, which includes a sectional sofa, bookcase and closet.

Conversely, almost every one of the Murphy beds we sell are available with a variety of custom options, such as drawer pulls and hinges, color and style of finish, the addition of USB ports and power outlets and even the opportunity to order matching side piers for storage or decorative displays.  We even have a design department that can completely customize your wall bed with cabinetry and millwork that furnishes an entire room and includes almost anything you desire.

Don’t make the mistake of opting for a bargain Murphy bed and regret the decision later. Let us help you find the perfect Murphy bed and all the custom options you need and want, in a gorgeous cabinet built to last.

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