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Where Could You Use a Wall Bed with Desk?

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Did you know that when ordering a Murphy bed for your home, you can choose to add a desk? A desk is a great option for adding another layer of functionality to an already ingenious furniture design. The question isn’t where you could use a wall bed with desk, but rather, why not put one in any room of your home? Here are some ideas to inspire you to redo a room with a desk wall bed.

Desk Wall Bed Options

You probably already realize that adding a wall bed to any room in your home doubles or even triples the amount of usable space while providing a comfortable bed for overnight guests. A wall bed represents a great value all on its own, but why not add a desk for further functionality? You can either choose to order a wall bed with desk as a standard option, or we can custom design a wall bed system that features one or more desks in your choice of size and configuration.

The desk is a standard option with the Cromwell Desk Wall Bed

For instance, together we can devise a wall bed system with side piers and make one of those side piers a desk. Or, we can a desk to both side piers, a perfect solution for a couple who shares a home office. For smaller homes, a cabinet bed is an excellent, space-saving alternative to a larger Murphy bed and it can have a desk added to the front. Your wall bed can be configured as horizontal or vertical and it’s easy to add a desk to either format.

Uses for a Wall Bed with Desk

Obviously, a home office is a perfect place to add a desk wall bed. You can custom order items such as a printer shelf, bookcase, filing cabinet, drawers and more to that desk, as well, for the ultimate in storage, convenience and resources.

This home office features two desks in a custom wall bed system.

But a home office is not the only room in your home where a Murphy bed with desk could come in handy. How about adding a wall bed with desk to your child’s room? Not only does this provide a handy place to do homework during the day, the wall bed accommodates friends for a sleepover at night.

mirage horizontal desk wall bed

The Mirage horizontal desk wall bed with optional bookshelf allows you to keep your work on the desk even when the mattress is pulled out for sleep.

Do you have a hobby or rec room? That’s another great place to put a desk wall bed. Whether your passion is crafting, scrapbooking, collecting or creating, a desk is sure to come in handy. Leave your work in place when overnight guests come to stay; the ingenious design of a desk wall bed means you don’t have to clear the surface in order to pull down the mattress for sleep.

How Many Desk Wall Beds Could You Use?

With so many ways to use a wall bed with desk, you could almost add one to every room in your home. And don’t forget that a desk wall bed makes a thoughtful gift for those on your holiday list – especially if you have a young adult going off to college or getting married and buying their first home.

We invite you to browse through our collection of desk wall beds and imagine how you will open the possibilities.

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