13 Sep

Why Choose a Murphy Wall Bed Instead of a Traditional Bed?

Do you need another bed in your home? Before you go shopping at a traditional mattress store, why not consider trying a Murphy bed instead? With all the ways these beds multi-task and with all the little spaces you can place them, Murphy beds offer a solution to a myriad of problems. Take a look at these reasons why a Murphy wall bed is often your best choice.

Save Lots of Space

One of the best features of a Murphy bed is that it fastens to the wall. A traditional bed, of course, takes up a lot of floor space. For a queen-size mattress, the most popular size in America, that comes out to about 35 square feet. What could you do with all those square inches if it didn’t have to hold a bed that is only used occasionally?

empress Murphy wall bed

Save room for the important stuff with a Murphy wall bed instead of traditional bed.

Did you know that a Murphy wall bed takes up only about 9 square feet, depending on what size mattress you choose and whether or not you add side piers, desks or other add-ons? This statistic is for a vertical wall bed, but you could also choose a horizontal configuration, if you need more wall space. Any way you look it, a Murphy bed has a much smaller footprint and allows you to use more space for the things you need and want in any room of the home.

Allow Your Room to Multi-Task

If there’s one thing we hear over and over again, it’s how our clients want to take back that extra room or guest room in their home. They are tired of a traditional bed taking up space that could be used for other, more important, things such as hobbies, office work, exercise, games or other activities.

empress wall bed with side piers

This Murphy wall bed has bookshelves and a small pull out table, plus storage drawers.

A Murphy wall bed allows you to do just that. There are nearly limitless ways you can customize a wall bed system to perform in any number of ways. Add a desk for your home office, add a table for crafts or sewing, add side piers that function as bookcases, display shelves, wardrobes or storage space. That allows you to use your extra room for any purpose and when a guest comes for an overnight visit, the room is transformed into a bedroom in seconds simply by pulling the mattress down.

Add Style and Beauty to a Room

When it comes to beautiful beds, it’s easy to imagine a traditional bed covered in a sumptuous comforter, lots of pillows and perhaps a colorful skirt. That’s all fine and well, but there’s something fussy about it.

Library wall bed

This gorgeous Library wall bed is offered in several different finishes.

With a Murphy wall bed, you get to choose from different styles, finishes, colors and hardware for the cabinet. All of our Murphy beds are made from solid hardwood, without using any flimsy particle board. This results in cabinets that are both handsome and well-crafted. Choose a style that ranges from traditional to contemporary, whatever best suits your home décor. It always looks neat and tidy and attractive.

Are you convinced that your next bed should be a Murphy wall bed? It offers the advantages of saving space, making any room multi-functional and adding handsome cabinet styling. What’s not to love?

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