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Colton vs Mason vs Jackson – Which is the Best Cabinet Bed?

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Cabinet beds are great space savers, and they can fit nearly anywhere in your home, no matter how little square footage you have to work with. At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we are proud to introduce three new models just waiting to be added to a guestroom, home office or child’s bedroom. In this article we explore the advantages of Colton vs Mason vs Jackson so you can decide on the best cabinet bed to meet your specific needs.

Colton Equals Convenience

The Colton Queen Cabinet Bed features a comfortable trifold matress.

When it comes to the convenience of having an extra bed tucked away but ready to use at a moment’s notice, it’s hard to beat Colton. The Colton cabinet bed boasts a compact footprint, ideal for maximizing space in smaller rooms. Whether you are looking to tuck a cabinet bed into a guesthouse or a guestroom, the Colton understands the value of every inch.

The Colton cabinet bed features plenty of safety features, including locking mechanisms and a slow-closing cabinet with gas cylinders.

This cabinet bed doesn’t settle for fulfilling a single purpose. The Colton integrates an amply sized storage drawer as well as a cabinet top rated to hold a full size television set or even a collection of books.

Mason, Master of Style

The Mason Queen Cabinet Bed is available in a neutral dark gray finish.

As we compare Colton vs Mason vs Jackson, Mason stands out due to several key differences. Unlike the clean lines and simple design of the Colton, the Mason cabinet bed features little touches that make it a lovely addition to any room. Sleek lines, dark finishes, and textured drawer pulls make it a great choice for those homeowners who may want to match other furnishings in the room.

The Mason cabinet bed prioritizes luxurious slumber with a plush queen-sized mattress (included with the bed) and a sturdy frame. Forget lumpy sofa beds or sleepless nights on an air mattress; the Mason offers a five-star sleep experience within your own walls.

Dual power and USB outlets are a great feature of the Mason cabinet bed.

Beyond its elegant facade, the Mason features a handy set of USB and power outlets along the base of the cabinet along with the industry’s’ largest storage drawer compartment.

Jackson, the Jack of All Trades

This Jackson Queen Cabinet Bed is ready to transform your home by adding extra space.

The Jackson Queen Cabinet Bed is available in two distinct styles. A white cabinet with ebony top would be a lovely addition to a room with country or rustic décor while the model finished in Cojoba (chestnut brown) looks very traditional.

The Jackson cabinet bed is easy to open and close.

Crafted from solid birch free of formaldehyde and no particleboard, the Jackson cabinet bed is both durable and safe. It features strong open/close mechanisms backed by a robust warranty. The cabinet opens out to a bed and closes up again within a few minutes, making it easy enough for even your youngest or oldest guests to handle effortlessly.

When it comes to the advantages of Colton vs Mason vs Jackson cabinet beds, the best one is more a matter of taste and style. They are all well made pieces of furniture crafted from solid wood and come complete with a tri-fold gel memory foam mattress. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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