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Cabinet beds are great space savers, and they can fit nearly anywhere in your home, no matter how little square footage you have to work with. At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we are proud to introduce three new models just waiting to be added to a guestroom, home office or child’s bedroom. In this […]

With the dawning of a new year most of us find ourselves making resolutions, decluttering our homes, and setting our sights on new beginnings. But what if a key piece of this transformation could be found in our newest cabinet beds: Colton, Mason, Austin, or Jackson? The humble cabinet bed is a space-saving hero with […]

In our last article we introduced you to Austin and Colton, two of our newest cabinet beds. But we’ve got even more to show you. In this article we are proud to announce two more brand new cabinet beds: Jackson and Mason. Jackson Cabinet Bed Let’s start with Jackson, the first of our brand new […]

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