17 Feb

Creating the Perfect Home Office with a Murphy Wall Bed System

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one room in your home dedicated to being a home office? Maybe a room where you could meet with clients in person and present a professional appearance, not to mention keeping all your supplies and files neatly organized.

For must of us, it’s a pipe dream. But by adding a Murphy wall bed system to your “extra” room, you can truly have it all – a professional home office AND a room to accommodate overnight guests. There are tons of options to ensure this room is everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Take a look.

Add a Desk to Your Wall Bed

One of the first things most of our clients want in a home office is a desk. Luckily, it’s easy to add a desk to the front of the wall bed cabinet. Or, you can place a desk on one or both sides (his and hers?) of the wall bed. You can even add a third desk, if you wish, since a wall bed system can take up as many as three walls in the room.

What size desk do you need? We can configure a wall bed system with a custom desk size no matter how you use it – everything from a small, child-sized desk for homework on up to a large work space to spread out papers, books or blueprints. Prefer a standing desk? We can do that, too!

double desk wall bed system for home office

In any case, the bed can either fold down over the desk, leaving all your work intact, or the Murphy bed can reside in its own cabinet, as shown as in the above illustration.

Add Side Piers and Custom Pieces to the Wall Bed System

wall bed system with side piers for home office

What makes some Murphy beds a wall bed system is the fact that we can add whatever millwork you’d like. For most people, a set of side piers attached to the bed cabinet is an ideal way to add storage and filing space. One or two side piers can function as bookshelves, filing cabinets, cupboards with doors, computer hardware storage or just about anything else you can imagine.

But you don’t have to stop there. If your home office needs additional functionality, such as cubbies to stow odd-sized items, a drafting table for large papers, a closet to store large or hanging items, a whiteboard or some other custom feature, we can add that to your wall bed system, too.

Light Up – and Power Up – Your Home Office

custom wall bed system for home office

More options for your home office wall bed system include installed lighting, electrical outlets and USB ports in the cabinets or around the desk. Wherever you want them, we can place them (dependent on the specifics of your room). This provides ultimate convenience plus functionality – no more crawling on the floor trying to find a plug for your equipment or a place to put a lamp.

It’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities a Murphy bed system provides for your home office. Can you imagine a home office configured just the way you want and need it? Talk to us today about getting started on your wall bed system and open the possibilities to work from home in comfort and style.

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