15 Nov

Design a Custom Wall Bed for Holiday Guests

Did you know that you can design a custom wall bed to your exact specifications? This is a particularly attractive option when you have very limited space, but want to accommodate the occasional overnight guest in ultimate comfort. Perhaps you have family members who will be staying at your home for the holidays over an extended period of time. In either case, when you design a custom wall bed for holiday guests it’s easy and fun – and our staff can help you with ideas, if necessary. They can even provide you a computerized image of what your custom wall bed system will look like before you commit.

Take a look at these ideas to open all the possibilities.

An All-in-One Retreat

If you don’t have a dedicated room to offer your guest, it’s easy to create a space in your home that feels private and offers all the amenities. You can design a custom wall bed that tucks neatly into a corner of a room or spread out across a wall. Add a bit of privacy with a tri-fold screen or curtains.

A custom side pier with built-in ironing board.

Beyond just a bed, your custom wall bed system can include lots of different features. For instance, it could have a desk or sofa fronting the cabinet when the bed is not in use. Add side piers with your choice of amenities – everything from a wardrobe and storage drawers, an ironing board and shoe racks, a television shelf or book shelves, a vanity or coat hooks. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to adding features your overnight guests are sure to appreciate.

This York wall bed has display shelving and a custom credenza added.

Hide in Plain Sight

Just because you live in a smaller condo or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make room for holiday guests. By designing a custom wall bed system that hides in plain sight, you can use this highly functional piece of furniture every day, then turn it into a cozy sleeping platform by night.

For instance, here is a wall bed that looks perfectly at home in a living room. It provides a sofa for daytime seating. You can also add well-designed spaces for a television set, books and collectibles. When holiday guests arrive and wish to stay the night, simply pull the mattress down over the sofa and the wall bed system is instantly transformed into a comfy bed, complete with queen-sized mattress.

design a custom wall bed

Here’s another way to hide a custom wall bed system in plain sight: make it your home office. Add a desk to the front of the cabinet and include a pair of side piers. The side piers are available as bookshelves, storage drawers, filing cabinets and just about anything else you might use in a home office. You can also incorporate lighting and USB/power outlets so it’s handy to plug in electronics and better view your work with task lighting.

Design a Custom Wall Bed for Holiday Guests Today

If your home is lacking in space, there’s no need to fret. Your holiday guests will be safe and comfy in a custom wall bed system that fits your home perfectly.

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