12 Feb

A Dual Function Wall Bed Doubles or Triples Your Space

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When is a bed not just a bed? When it’s a dual function wall bed that not only serves as a comfortable place to sleep, it functions as a desk, a dining table, a sofa and so much more. Take a look at these fantastic wall bed options for inspiration on streamlining your home space.

Desk Wall Beds

One of the most popular wall beds we carry is a model that comes with a desk attached to the front of the cabinet or as an option for a side pier on a custom Murphy bed system. No doubt this type of dual function wall bed is so popular because so many of us now work from home or have started our own businesses.

space saving design wall bed

Add a desk and side piers to create a work/study area in your guest room.

Desk wall beds can easily double or even triple the space in any room of your home. If you live in a place with very limited space or only a couple rooms, this could be your living room. In a larger home, it would probably be a guest room where dual function wall beds are perfect. In either case, a desk can be used for so many things, including business, homework, hobbies, crafting, studying, surfing the internet or paying bills.

Sofa Wall Beds

Here’s another ingenious idea: adding a sofa to the front of the wall bed cabinet. By day, it’s a spacious place to lounge about and watch TV or read. By night, it’s a supportive and comfortable place to sleep in a bed with the mattress of your choice.

hidden wall beds

Adding a sofa or sectional to your wall bed is a great way to gain more space and functionality.

Think beyond the obvious place where you could use a sofa wall bed in your home – the living room in a space-constrained home. How about placing one in a child’s bedroom, where he or she can lounge with friends or have an extra bed for sleepovers. A master bedroom or guest bedroom is also perfect for a sofa wall bed, where it doubles the space while adding a comfortable seating option.

Table Wall Beds

dual function wall bed with table

Add even more functionality to your room with a drop-down multipurpose table wall bed.

Have you ever thought about putting a dual function wall bed in a dining area? Maybe that is because you never knew that a wall bed could also incorporate a dining table. But yes, such a thing does exist, and it is the perfect option for a dorm room, a tiny home or a place with a limited layout of rooms. This could also be a great addition to a child’s play room or bedroom since it provides a play/work space while keeping the floor clear. Remember that tables can be used in so many ways – not just for dining. Use the wall bed’s table for playing games, to double as a desk or as a prep station for dinner.

A Dual Function Wall Bed Makes Possibilities Endless

How could you use a dual function wall bed with desk, sofa or table in your home? Open your mind to the possibilities and double or triple the space in your home in the process.

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