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Finest Quality Wall Beds Made of Solid Hardwood in the Amish Collection

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What should you look for when it comes to a quality wall bed? The truth is that not all wall beds are made the same. There is a difference in price, and that is usually based on the absence or presence of quality details. The Amish collection presents exceptional value for unsurpassed quality.

Here’s what you need to consider when shopping for a wall bed that will last for generations and look beautiful.

How Is It Made?

First and foremost, the wall bed’s construction is of utmost importance.

Although modern technology now makes it possible to construct furniture quickly and easily, there’s just no comparison to hand-crafted pieces. Of course, that is what the Amish of America specialize in – furnishings that are lovingly created and then gone over, by hand, to ensure that each little nuance of the piece is perfectly rendered.

When it comes to quality details and fine craftsmanship, it’s difficult if not impossible to beat wall beds made by Amish furniture builders. There is a reason these craftsmen are associated with fine quality and attention to detail; these skills are passed down from one generation to the next and fondly preserved in their communities.

What’s in the Construction?

It all starts with boards of solid hardwood. When it comes to our American-made collection of Amish wall beds, you have a choice between beautiful oak, cherry or maple wood. That wood is carefully selected for beauty, integrity and strength, then subjected to time-tested methods of craftsmanship to bring out its best features.

Amish collection Hampton wall bed

Reinforced joints and dovetailed drawers make the Hampton wall bed one you will enjoy for many, many years.

When these wall beds are put together, the Amish craftsmen incorporate reinforced joints, dovetailed drawer joints and helix fasteners to ensure strength and durability that will last for generations to come.

What Do You Get With Your Wall Bed?

Another thing you will want to consider is what comes with your wall bed.

When you choose from the wall bed models in our Amish Collection, you also get your choice of 18 different wood finishes, each carefully applied to enhance the beauty of the hardwood.

Amish collection Albany wall bed

Add side piers with beveled glass doors to the Albany wall bed for functionality and beauty.

You can also select from various types of hardware styles for the pulls and hinges. Add a power supply and/or USB ports to your wall bed. For additional functionality, opt for one or two side piers with or without beveled glass doors to hold a display of collectibles, books or necessities.

And, finally, you decide what size bed you’d like to incorporate in your Murphy bed. The Amish Collection includes twin, full and queen size mattresses from which to choose. All of them come with a lifetime guarantee on the mechanism that takes the bed from folded up to pulled down for sleeping and back again.

Amish wall bed

There’s a lifetime warranty on the open/close mechanism of these Amish wall beds.

Quality, Beauty, Craftsmanship in the Amish Collection

When you choose a wall bed from Murphy Bed’s Amish Collection, you are ensured a fine-quality piece of furniture that is hand-crafted with pride by expert artisans. Each little detail is attended to so that your wall bed will still look as lovely and be as functional as it was from day one while being passed down from generation to generation in your family.

When it comes to quality construction, there is a difference. See it for yourself when you choose either the Hampton or Albany wall bed from our Amish Collection.

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