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Great Ways to Use a Murphy Bed with Desk

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Could you use an extra workspace in your home? Who couldn’t? That is one of the unique advantages of adding a Murphy bed with desk to any room – it adds an extra work surface that can be used for a variety of different tasks. Read on to open the possibilities for better work flow and organization in your home.

Home Office

Mirage V Desk Wall Bed 5

Even if you are not employed in a position where you can work from home, chances are you always have business to take care of in your home office. This is the number one use our customers find for a Murphy bed with desk. It’s the perfect place for your laptop or monitor and keyboard with plenty of room left to spread out paperwork, depending on the size you choice.

In fact, when it comes to options, there are several. You can select a Murphy bed with desk attached to the front of the cabinet; both the Cromwell and Mirage models are available to order with a desk. Or, if you prefer going the custom route for greatest flexibility, you can add side piers that contain a desk plus credenza, filing cabinets, bookshelves and more. Ordering a custom Murphy wall bed system also allows you to add electrical outlets, USB ports and task lighting exactly where you need it.

Kid’s Bedroom

Mirage V Desk Wall Bed 6

Another popular way to use a Murphy bed with desk is in a kid’s room. The bed itself is a convenient and comfortable way to accommodate slumber party guests or visiting family members. But each and every day this piece is extremely useful as a place for your child to do his or her homework, craft projects and art pieces.  Choose a twin or full sized mattress for the perfect size bed and desk to include in a kid’s room.

Kids can be tough on furniture but have no fear – when you choose any Murphy bed with desk that we carry here at Murphy Beds of San Diego, all are sturdily constructed from hardwood. Our wall beds are not made with cheap particle board and able to securely attach to a wall. Today’s Murphy bed open and close mechanisms are also very safe and durable.

Hobby Room

custom wall bed system

This Murphy bed has a multipurpose table in addition to a desk

One more practical use for a Murphy bed with desk is in a hobby room. Whether your passion is sewing, scrapbooking, stamp collecting, photography or anything else that requires room to spread out supplies, a wall bed with attached desk or table is a very useful piece of furniture.  Just imagine – that extra room that needs to perform so many functions can actually be neat, tidy and organized when you add a Murphy bed with desk for your hobbies. Then it quickly transforms into a comfortable guest bed as needed, complete with a mattress of your own or one ordered with the wall bed.

And, did you know? We have a Murphy bed with desk available in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. One or the other is sure to perfectly suit your extra room.

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