20 Feb

Your Ideal Home Office Starts with a Murphy Bed System

We want you to imagine your ideal home office. Go ahead – take a few minutes and close your eyes. Imagine yourself ensconced within a haven of comfortable furnishings, perfectly organized paperwork and books and the ideal place for all your tools and equipment. This is the place where you can easily get your work done and maybe even enjoy the process. The good news is that yes, it is possible to create the ideal home office. It all starts with a Murphy bed system that works for you.

Start by Adding a Desk

cromwell wall bed with desk

Custom built-in Cromwell desk wall bed with full height pier cabinets.

What is the most important component of your home office? Arguably it’s the desk. And luckily, it’s easy to add a desk to just about any of our Murphy bed systems. It’s your choice if you’d like the desk to front the cabinet of your wall bed, so that the mattress folds down over the top of your work. Or, if you’d prefer, we can add one or two desks in side piers alongside the bed cabinet.

Space-saving Mirage desk wall bed closed.

When it comes to the size and shape of your desk, we can customize that according to your specifications. Whether you are using the desk for architectural drawings, a laptop or a place to draw/write freehand, we can adjust the height and width to accommodate your specific needs.

Choose Your Custom Features

With a desk or two in place, now decide on the custom features you would like to add to your Murphy bed system. There are plenty of possibilities.

murphy bed with desk

Encore wall bed with desk workstation.

One of those possibilities is adding power outlets and/or USB ports in handy spots along the cabinet base or in the side piers. You may want to add task lighting, too, to make it easier to see your work and a keyboard drawer for your computer that stows away neatly when not in use.

This home office features two desks in a custom wall bed system.

Another option is to configure side piers with all the features that make your home office space completely functional. We can customize your Murphy bed system with bookshelves, cupboards, printer shelf, filing cabinets and drawers for all your office supplies. Then again, perhaps you would like a white board or chalkboard to jot down ideas; we can add these to the front of side pier cabinets or fashion them into pullouts. More ideas include a row of hooks to hang tools, a bulletin board for tacking up artwork or a pegboard which can easily be configured for various uses.

Open All the Possibilities with a Murphy Bed System

space saving design wall bed

Add a desk and side piers to create a work/study area in your guest room.

When it comes to imagining your perfect home office, the sky is the limit. At Murphy Beds of San Diego, we have designed everything from a custom wardrobe to pet beds in a custom Murphy bed system. So if your home office needs a very specific feature or component, just ask and we will help bring your dreams to reality.

In the meantime, we invite you to scroll through the images of our custom Murphy bed systems for ideas. Open all the possibilities and finally get the home office you want and need to get the job done.

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