23 Mar

Make Room for What You Love with a Plaza Wall Bed

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No doubt you have heard the sentiment that it is important to make time for what you love, whether that’s a person, a hobby or a way to treat yourself. But what about making space for what you love? That’s the advantage of a Murphy bed over a regular bed – it allows you to make space for what you truly love to do with that extra room of yours. No longer just a guestroom, it can be transformed into a place you will love doing what you enjoy doing most. Here are a few examples of how the Plaza Wall Bed can help.

Entertainment Center

If you and your family love playing card and/or video games and watching movies, then it’s a natural fit to turn your extra room into a place to enjoy all your favorite entertainment options.

With the Plaza Wall Bed, you can easily free up space in the middle of your room. With a depth of 18” and varying widths depending on mattress size, it’s a simple calculation to figure out just how much room you will be freeing up by getting rid of that standard guest bed.

That extra space is perfect for a gaming table, video gaming chairs or theatre seating – or all of the above. Mount a television on the wall for additional space and arrange the rest of the room for maximum comfort and viewability and voila! An entertainment room sure to please the whole family while offering a great night’s sleep for overnight guests.

Exercise Room

Maybe what you love most is getting in a daily workout. Whether you prefer yoga over weightlifting or Zumba over Pilates, why not transform your extra room into workout space?

plaza wall bed

The Plaza Wall Bed is the main attraction in this room but it also serves a dual purpose. Add side piers with storage for all your exercise equipment – dumbbells, Pilates ring, yoga mat and more – and not only does this Murphy bed function as a comfy room for overnight hospitality, it neatly stows equipment out of view. With the Plaza wall bed folded up and away, you have plenty of room to perform downward dog or bicep curls.

Hobby and Craft Room

Then again, it could be that your love involves scrapbooking, photography, sewing, stamp collecting or another type of hobby or craft. Once again, it’s a simple fix to turn your extra room into a place to practice your true love while keeping it double duty as a guestroom. It all starts with a Plaza Wall Bed.

plaza wall bed

Royal Wall Bed 3

The ability to add side piers that function as wardrobes, storage shelves, drawers or file cabinets means that no matter your hobby, the Plaza Wall Bed can fit all your tools and supplies. Add a desk to the front and you’ve got an instant sewing table or a place to layout scrapbooking pages, photos, stamps or coins.

There’s no need to settle for anything less than the ability to do what you love in the comfort of your own home. The Plaza Wall Bed makes it all possible due to the many ways you configure it to exactly meet your needs.

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