16 Apr

Metro Foldup Bed versus the Sagebrush Cabinet Bed

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When it comes to cabinet beds, it can be hard to decide which one of our sturdy, functional, all-hardwood models is the right one for your home. Let’s consider the features and differences between two popular models, so you can make an informed decision. 

The Metro Foldup Bed 

Metro foldup bed

The Metro cabinet bed is aptly named, in our opinion. When you think of the sleek, sophisticated style often found in urban areas, it effectively communicates the timeless, handsome lines of this cabinet bed, which are perfectly offset by a rich, dark finish. Of course, you can select from a dozen different finish colors, but the darker tones give the Metro foldup cabinet bed a modern appearance. 

This bed is constructed from solid hardwood, with no cheap MDF or particle board used. That makes it quite sturdy, while the premium tri-fold CertiPUR-US® premium memory foam mattress makes for a very comfortable night’s sleep. 

Metro cabinet bed with wall unit

But what makes the Metro foldup bed truly unique is the ability to order it with an optional Metro wall unit. This takes up more floor space but also provides much more storage space. Those extra shelves and drawers are ideal for holding books, files, linens, office supplies, hobby supplies or just about anything else that needs a tidy home.  

All of these features make the Metro foldup bed an ideal choice for anyone leasing an apartment or a city dweller in a home with sleek and sophisticated style. 

The Sagebrush Cabinet Bed 

sagebrush cabinet bed

Just like the Metro, the Sagebrush cabinet bed is made of American birch and constructed right here in North America. It is durable and supports a person of up to 500 pounds sleeping on the premium memory foam mattress. It also includes an amply-sized storage drawer with wheels along the bottom of the cabinet and can easily accommodate a 60-inch TV screen on the top of the cabinet. And you get all this with a footprint of only 10 square feet. 

sagebrush cabinet bed

But that’s where most of the similarities end. The Sagebrush is finished in a stonewash color, which blends perfectly with today’s wildly popular rustic-industrial design trend. This cabinet bed features dual USB and power outlets built right into the side, which makes it very convenient for guests to use technical devices in bed.  Its style is transitional, so it goes nicely with any type of décor. The Sagebrush cabinet bed includes two sets of drawer knobs, so you can switch between the two, if you like. 

The Sagebrush is perfect for any type of small space, extra room or the family who regularly entertains overnight visitors. 

Metro Foldup Bed or Sagebrush Cabinet Bed – You Can’t Go Wrong 

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong no matter which high quality cabinet bed you choose. They are easy to use, quick to open, provide extra storage space and – most importantly – give you an extra bed for guests and visitors. 

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